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Likah’s Beauty Supply​

Here to help you with all your hair styling needs, while promoting healthy hair care.

Likah’s Beauty Supply was created to provide the best products on the market that promote hair growth and helps each individual with their hair journey. 

Our first Item is our 72hr hold edge control, with natural ingredients that will prevent damage to your hair. It contains Castor oil which stimulates hair growth, beeswax to add body, and a smooth texture. Also, it is apple-scented and has zero alcohol. 

Meet the CEO 

Black women make up a large percentage of consumers for hair care products, yet we own less than one percent of the hair beauty industry. I hope to become part of the percentage of black owners in the hair beauty industry.


Natural hair is beautiful and being a black woman I understand what it takes to maintain and protect our hair from damages, breakage, dryness, and being stagnant. These common hair issues can be the result of bad hair products. Having experienced these struggles, I have created products using natural ingredients that help revive and show results whether you have protective styles, relaxed hair, or natural hair.


'' I want to be apart of your healthy hair journey''.​

     Malika N.
founder & CEO
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